K-19 Anti-shock goggle for epidemic prevention



Standard ANSI high speed resistance test/VD shooting test, both frames and lenses need to pass the shooting test of either a 0.25 inch steel ball shot by 150 fps (ANSI), or a 0.15 caliber gun by 640-660 fps high speed shooting test (VD). KAM’s lens and frames can withstand a 0.22 caliber gun shooting at 550-560 fps with T-37 standard testing warhead speeding test. This is to ensure that our lens and frames are strong and sturdy.


SEL lens technology undergoes the process of decentralization and cone shaping to ensure that they meet the ANSI visual acuity standards, meanwhile 100% blocking the harmful UVA and UVB lights.

Good coverage and material strength

Can fit easily over regular glasses, for easy wearing.
100% anti-UV, suitable for epidemic prevention, anti-shock, and can protect our eyes from harmful substances.

A blue with healing power

The color blue has always projects the sense of fresh and serenity, and is said to be one of the most powerful healing colors for our minds. We hope to bring a more comfortable using experience through small details of design.


Fine dusts and pollens can cause dryness and discomfort to the eyes. The special coverage design of KAM-TACT can block these stimulants, at the same time reduce strong light, providing the best protection, with optional polarized lenses. All KAM-TACT frames can go with prescription lenses, simplifying the process of glasses ordering and professional processing of the lenses.

Our K-19 anti-shock goggles with epidemic prevention functions comes in 4 colors: transparent, smoked-black, pink, and yellow. The yellow goggle also provide anti-blue light function.

Can be folded, comes with a glasses pouch for easy storage and carrying. The bag also provides protection for the goggles to prevent scratches from gravels and dusts.