ANSI Impact Resistance Test

Standard ANSI high speed resistance test/VD shooting test, both frames and lenses need to pass the shooting test of either a 0.25 inch steel ball shot by 150 fps (ANSI), or a 0.15 caliber gun by 640-660 fps high speed shooting test (VD). KAM’s lens and frames can withstand a 0.22 caliber gun shooting at 550-560 fps with T-37 standard testing warhead speeding test. This is to ensure that our lens and frames are strong and sturdy.

Patent Protected KAM-TACT Frames

Fine dusts and pollens can cause dryness and discomfort to the eyes. The special coverage design of KAM-TACT can block these stimulants, at the same time reduce strong light, providing the best protection, with optional polarized lenses. All KAM-TACT frames can go with prescription lenses, simplifying the process of glasses ordering and professional processing of the lenses.

KAM-TACT Lens Technology

SEL lens technology undergoes the process of decentralization and cone shaping to ensure that they meet the ANSI visual acuity standards, meanwhile 100% blocking the harmful UVA and UVB lights.

KAM-TACT Lens Technology

Polarized lens: glares from surfaces of water or other colored objects may impact visual acuity at critical moments, and may even cause eye fatigue. All KAM-TACT lens has passed ANSI safety standards, and are anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-high speed impact. Our frames, temple tips and lens have all passed ANSI safety standards, and are marked accordingly.

ANSI Certified Mark

[KAM] This mark represents that all tests surpassed the 2015 ANSI standards. The manufacturer is KUNI Applied Materials.
[Z87] Signifies that the lens and temple tips of our sunglasses, as well as the frames of our goggles have passed the 2015 ANSI High Mass Impact and High Speed Impact tests.
[+] Signifies that the frams and timple tips of the sunglasses, and the frames of the goggles have passed the ANSI ANSI High Mass Impact and High Speed Impact tests (20215 standards).


SP035A is highly modulized for operations in different environments by deploying our variety of lenses to protect your eyes and help you to see better.

Anti Fogging

Durable anti-fogging functional layer

Anti Abrasion

Ultra stiff layer to prevent abrasion

UV 400nm

UV Resistance layer blocking all light to 400nm

Polarized Lens

Polarized lens to adjust all the visible lights through the lens

Impact resistance

SP035A frame and lens must withstand high speed impact tests under ANSI87.1 and EN166 with T-37 bullet (.22 cal) at 698ft/s.

The major frame is adopting high impact crystalline polymer, featuring high-impact resistant, acid/basic resistant, and weather ability, to fulfill needs in extreme conditions.

SP035A interchangeable full assembly

Complete demonstration of SP035A assembly
Short demonstration of SP035A assembly